Culminate the grade school journey made by your kids by helping them enhance their writing skills.

At the 6th grade level, we are encouraging students to use evidence to back up any argument that you are trying to propose. Students will start analyzing text and be able to infer about the text and understand central themes. Students will begin to understand how to write using the correct point of view for their intended audience. This is designed to help engage readers more. We encourage students to use figurative language and bright language to open up a new world to their readers. At this point students are ready to write for a wide range of audiences and purposes. We often find that writing for purpose is highly motivating for students at this level. At the education crossroads in 6th grade, your students are ready to tackle more in depth writing assignments. Before they say good bye to grade school, get students hammering away in the classroom and at home to enhance creative writing skills. How about this for a dive deep into the imagination of a 6th grader: "Write a letter to your younger self, telling yourself what you wished you had known then." You will be amazed how far your kids have progressed as writers by downloading the lessons from this series.

These writing worksheets were created specifically for 6th grade students that are putting a great deal of effort into their written expressive language. Students will find some deep thinking prompts and situations that they must assess and adjust to. Many teachers tell us that students find this work engaging and enjoyable. It is all about keeping them motivated and actively thinking at the 6th grade level. Reach deep into the vivid imaginations of your students by presenting creative writing lessons from the task of a simple writing prompt.

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Printable 6th Grade Writing Worksheets

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How's Life?

Imagine you are an elderly person looking back on your life. Write about how your life turned out. What did you do? What are you most proud of?

8 Quick Prompts

Do you think it is a good idea for teachers to specialize in one subject, or do you think that you should always only have one teacher per grade, even as your get older?

What Did You Learn?

What is one thing you have learned this year about how you do and don't want to treat other people? Explain.

Important Values

What are the values most important to your family? How do you know? How does your family exhibit these values in daily life?

Parents Advice

What advice have you been given by parents or other adults about how to choose your career when you grow up? How do you feel about that advice?

What Do You Wish You Knew?

Write a letter to your younger self, telling yourself what you wish you had known then.

Healthy Diet

What do you think makes up a healthy diet? Do you eat a healthy diet? Why or why not?

The Most Dangerous Animal

What do you think is the most dangerous animal on earth? Why do you think that? How is it dangerous? What do you think would happen if you encountered one?

Playing Sports

Do you think that every student should be required to participate in a sport? Why or why not?

New Student

Imagine your favorite fictional character was a new student in your school. What do you think might happen?

What's Important?

What do you think if the most important school subject? Why?

Staying In Town

When you grow up, do you want to stay in this town or move somewhere else? Explain.

A Quality Teacher

What quality do you most appreciate in a teacher? Why?

Eight More Prompts

Have you ever been told by an adult that it is bad to do something, and then seen that same adult doing it? How did that make you feel? What did you do?

Care About

What is the most disappointing thing that someone that you care about has done? Why were you disappointed? What happened?