Middle school is the education period when students ramp up their writing skills as they work towards becoming young adults.

Graduating from 6th grade and entering middle school is an important rite of passage in life. It is also the time when creative writing lessons require much more thought and effort from middle school students. An example of the more advanced lessons, that require students to think at a higher level would be: "Do you think graffiti is an art form" will elicit interesting responses from an age demographic that is starting to form lifelong perspectives. Not only do most middle school writing assignments require critical thinking, but the also must often be backed by research. You will need clear original thoughts and ideas that are validated by the work of others through a form of citations. The main point that we should be driving at middle school students is that you need to maintain a clear and consistent point of view in your own voice.

Prepare your students for the writing challenges presented in High School by using this series of writing lessons for your Middle Schoolers. As you scroll down this page you will find middle school writing exercises that include prompts and research-based assignments. Our editors worked tirelessly to present students with fun activities that would be very relevant to their daily lives. We explore social networks, thoughts of the future, we explore their favorite things, and even have them describe themselves. If you take time and review their work, you can learn a great deal about your middle school students from their writing.

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Printable Middle School Writing Worksheets

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Social Media App

What is your favorite social media app? Why?

Six Middle School Writing Prompts

Example: There was a time when movies and television were all in black and white. What advantages do you think color film has over black and white? Can you think of some times in which using black and white film to tell a story might be more appropriate?

My YouTube Channel

You are planning to start a YouTube channel. What will your channel be about? How will you produce your videos?

Favorite Youtuber

Who is your favorite YouTuber? Why? What do you like most about him/her?

Starting High School

What do you think will be the best thing about leaving middle school behind and starting high school? What do you think will be the worst thing?

Favorite Character

Write a letter to one of your favorite book or movie characters, giving them some much needed advice. Who are you writing to? Why is this advice so important for them to hear?


You are going to design a new app for smartphones. What will your app do? Why do people need this app?

The Way You Dress

What do you think that the way you dress says about you? Do you dress with a certain intended effect in mind? Why or why not?

Modern Tech

What aspect of modern technology has had the most impact on your life? Why?

Graffiti As Art

Do you think that graffiti is an art form? Why or why not?

A Speaker

Write a letter to your principal, persuading him or her to invite a certain speaker to your school. Who do you want to invite? Be sure to include convincing reasons why this speaker would benefit your school.

Don't Be Reluctant

Write a persuasive letter to your parents asking them to let you do something that they have been reluctant to let you do. Include convincing reasons to support your argument.

Studying In School

Do you think that the things you are studying this year in school are going to benefit you in your adult working life? Why or why not?

8 Writing Prompts

Imagine you have been hired to design an amusement park. What kind of park will you design? Why do you think it will appeal to visitors?

Most Influenced

What person from history has most influenced you, or do you most admire? Why?