Introduce the art of writing to a young audience of new readers is always fun and rewarding for teachers.

At the preschool level this is the first time we have an opportunity to help students develop the skills required to simply write. There are a number of techniques that we have seen be very successful for preschool age children. I find that coloring and story telling is a great lead in. The coloring with crayons helps students develop their fine motor skills and coloring helps students learn the concept of confining their hand movements to certain areas. The expression comes in the form of story telling. We would encourage teachers to model writing what students say in their story. This helps students understand that they are being heard and their thoughts are being expressed through writing which is a powerful concept for youngsters to grasp. I also find that having them trace and draw images that mirror something else can really help, this leads to penmanship towards letter development at the preschool level. When preschoolers begin the education trek, you want to inspire them with creative lessons that discuss the art of writing. At this stage of their lives, preschoolers are not interested in learning about technical topics.

These preschool writing worksheets are set up to help students be creative and do things that they will enjoy. Many of the activities ask students about their personal experiences which is what students at this level love to share openly. These worksheets progress from coloring to sentence completion, then on to short sentence writing which is a huge win if we can get them there in preschool. You can move on to the kindergarten writing worksheets if you have advanced students. These students will be able to write a short (five word) original sentence. Leave a positive impression about writing on your preschool students by giving them the gift of satisfying worksheets. Just scroll down and print till your heart is content. They simply want to unleash their imaginations, which the 15-worksheet series of lessons encourage. One worksheet prompts preschoolers to pay homage to mom like "I want to tell you…" and "thank you for…" This worksheet sets the writing stage for progress to be made in grade school.

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Printable Preschool Writing Worksheets

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All About Me

Tell us about you.

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Finish the Story

Complete the story about Banjo the Dog.

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Where I Live

This really extends out the concept of "All About Me".

The Favorite Story

What is your favorite story about?

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Dear Dad

What would you like to tell your Dad all about?

My Age

Are you feeling your age?


Draw a picture of where you playing with your toy.

Complete the Story

The cat was sad. She wanted to play. So the cat...

My Class

The thing I like best about my class is what?

Emergency Information

All the relevant information that we need to know.

My Family

Draw a picture of your family.

Big Bird

Is the bird that Big?

Dear Mom

What I want to share with you is?

What's In A Sentence

Complete the sentence. Draw the face.