Students will learn how comprehend short reading passages and answer questions based on them.

Being able to understand how to process a question that is asked of you is a pivotal part of the education process. Students can be confronted with two different types of questions. If the purpose of a question is to gauge if remember pertinent information from what you are studying, it is referred to as a closed question. This requires students to rely on facts and leaves little wiggle room for a valid answer. They are either correct or they are not. Many forms of learning lean on these types of questions heavily. Questions that are open-ended lead to dense responses and often can have many forms of a correct answer. Open questions lead student groups to lively discussions that can take into consideration many different viewpoints. Open question forms tend to stimulate higher levels of thought and are often posed towards topics that students have a solid background in.

As teachers we need to use our bag of tricks to progress students towards more open-ended question forms. These types of questions tend to require students to attribute value to what is being discussed. Closed questions require less thought and less wait time to tackle. We should encourage students to repeat or paraphrase questions that are posed to them. This selection of worksheets will have students answer questions that are presented in an open and closed form. We are looking for well thought out answers to those questions.

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Jimmy and Gloria

Jimmy and Gloria were best friends, and they loved going on adventures together. One day they heard a rumor that underneath the town where they lived were a bunch of secret tunnels, and that long ago a pirate had used these tunnels to hide gold!

Jimmy and Gloria Question Sheet

What do Jimmy and Gloria find in the tunnels?

Big Shoes Gary

Gary had a problem. His mom had bought him a new pair of shoes, but they were way too big for his feet. His mom had said that she got big shoes because Gary was growing so fast, and she did not want to have to buy new ones in a couple weeks.

Big Shoes Gary Question Sheet

Why does Gary's mom buy him shoes that are too big?

Spitball Brad

Billy sat in the classroom, working on his test. The class bully Brad was behind him, making spitballs. Billy hoped Brad wasn't going to hit him with a spitball. That’s when Billy saw one whiz by his head and go flying toward the front of class.

Spitball Brad Question Sheet

Why does the teacher think Billy shot the spitball?

The Mountain Climber

The mountain climber stood at the bottom of a giant cliff. He had his mountain gear on-a sturdy helmet, a coil of ropes and strong hooks he would use to stay safe. He threw a rope up and caught it on a stone that stuck out from the mountain. Then the mountain climber began to climb.

The Mountain Climber Question Sheet

What made the climber want to climb?

Not Thrilled About Fishing

Jessica hated fishing. Ever since she was young, her dad would ask her if she wanted to come on a fishing trip with him and she would always say no. She hated the thought of slimy fish, and touching worms, and getting wet in the ice-cold lake.

Not Thrilled About Fishing Question Sheet

What is the first thing Jessica notices when they go out onto the lake?

Bella the Explorer

Bella was an explorer. All her life she had spent her time traveling to faraway places and climbing into caves deep underground, or high mountains covered in snow. She was always on the lookout for amazing discoveries, and she loved the thrill of finding things no one had found before.

Bella the Explorer Question Sheet

Is Bella happy at the end of the story? Why?

The Scuba Team

Lupe was living out her dream. She had been chosen to join a scuba team on a mission underwater to explore a coral reef. The coral reef was filled with dazzling colors, incredible fish and strange creatures Lupe had only ever seen in pictures. But they weren't here to see them. They were here to see the rare Orange Shark.

The Scuba Team Question Sheet

The orange shark had been spoken of, but no one in this beach town had ever seen it. It was rumored to have a special kind of eyesight that would help scientists understand how fish could see so well underwater.


Mary ran to the kitchen and opened the door underneath the sink. She took out what she found there and got started on her secret mission. First she went into the bathroom, then the living room. Then she went upstairs to her room, then all of the other rooms in the house, including her mom's room.

Hurry! Question Sheet

Where does Mary go first after her mom leaves?

Super Reader Jeff

Jeff had a habit that he could not seem to shake. Everywhere he went, no matter where he was, he had to read everything. This might seem like a good thing, and most of the time it was. Jeff read every book in the library, every newspaper he could find, and he knew a lot of things!

Super Reader Jeff Question Sheet

Where does Jeff discover the poster for the reading club?

Warm Candles

Ever since Jen had been a young girl, she had always loved candles. She would go to the candle shop with her mother and smell every single candle she could see. She loved candles because of the way the smells reminded her of good memories, or made her feel warm and safe. She swore that one day she would make candles of her own.

Warm Candles Question Sheet

When did Jen first start to love candles?

Magic Rabbit

My grandpa says that his rabbit is magical. I'm not sure I believe him. He said he was given the rabbit by a fortune teller once when he was in the city of New Orleans. The fortune teller told my grandpa that the rabbit had magic powers, and would bring good luck.

Magic Rabbit Question Sheet

How does the narrator find out the rabbit is magical for sure?

The Great Johan

Johan the magician had a brand new trick, and he was nervous about his first performance. For the first time, Johan was going to use a trap door that he had built into the stage at the theater where he was going to put on his show.

The Great Johan Question Sheet

How many times does Johan step on the button before the trap door works?

Gruff the Ruff

Gruff was just like any other dog. He loved running around and chasing squirrels. He loved eating his breakfast and trying to steal sausages from his owner's plate. He even loved taking baths! But there was one thing that made Gruff different from other dogs.

Gruff the Ruff Question Sheet

What makes Gruff different from other dogs?

Sara's Secret

Sara has a secret. She doesn’t want any of her friends to know, or even her parents. Because she might get in trouble. The problem is, Sara really likes animals. And not just tiny little animals like crickets and gerbils and hamsters.

Sara's Secret Question Sheet

Why does Sara have to tell her parents about the giraffe?

Porky the Skater

Porky grabbed his and moved to the starting line. This was the most important race of his life. He looked side to side and saw all of the other skateboarders, ready to begin the race. Porky could see their big strong legs, their fancy helmets and their skateboarding shoes. All Porky had was his feet.

Porky the Skater Question Sheet

What makes Porky different from the other skateboarders?