A series of worksheets that will help elementary students learn to read carefully.

When we want students to follow written directions, they often need a little bit of instruction and guidance. Just like when you orally ask for their attention it takes a minute or two. When you hand students a worksheet or test, they will often brush right over the directions. The directions are sometimes are critical especially for standardized tests that change on a dime. To get your students in the habit of following directions we would suggest that you regularly point out the importance of directions. I will often write a little extra credit assignment in the directions. After a few exercises everyone catches on. It can often be helpful to model the importance of written directions by saying much less and tell them to just read the directions.

These activity sheets contain a wide variety of questions based on the standard elementary curriculum. Subjects include basic math, science, vocabulary and grammar, art, social studies, logic, and more. A mixture of formats include fill in the blank, short answer based on reading passages, multiple choice, drawing, etc. Each worksheet may contain a single subject or a collection of different subjects presented as a "general review." However, they all have a sneaky surprise at the end! Note for instructors: Some of the instructions have students making noises or moving around the class. If this is against your rules, please choose another.

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Printable Elementary Following Directions Worksheets

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House and Apartment

On the back of this sheet, draw a picture of the front of your house or apartment and color it.

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Scramble Sheet #2

Please unscramble the following letters and place the letters in the code below to find out the special word.

Sheets That Work

Remember to read the entire test through first. Do any rough work on the back of the paper. Do not erase any answers. Work quickly.

Reading Directions

After reading the following passage, please answer the following questions.

Time For The Track

Your teacher will keep track of the time. Remember to read the entire test through first. Do any rough work on the back of the paper. Do not erase any answers.

Five Minutes Powerplay

Please read the entire document first before completing any questions. You have five (5) minutes to finish this paper and hand it in to your teacher.

Following Directions #6

If I like the numbers 14, 49 and 63, will I like the number 36? Yes or No.

Time To Jog

If you come from an immediate family of six or more people, jog around the classroom.

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Search Sheet

Read before you do!

Crazy Cryptogram

Solve the Cryptogram below by substituting numbers for letters and solving the code.