The following collection of worksheets will help reinforce the idea of reading all of the directions.

How to Encourage Students to Read Directions More Often? Helping your child to understand basic behaviors can be a daunting task; but, a mandatory one. A teacher is someone who not only teach students about a topic; but, to teach them how to listen as well. A major concern is that if students don't learn how to listen, then it will cause problems later on. However, the key is not being strict about it but encourage them to listen and read direction. The first thing you should do is tell them a magic word. Whenever they hear that word, they will have to listen or read after it; such as the word “warning”. You must also make them repeat the instruction they read or listened. In this way, they will remember it strongly and even for a long time. Another way to encourage them is to help them find the purpose of the following direction. For instance, you can bribe them with a gift or tell them that you'll find a treasure by following the rules for the scavenger hunt.

These activity sheets contain a wide variety of questions based on the standard high school curriculum. Subjects include math, science, vocabulary and grammar, art, social studies, logic, and more. A mixture of formats include fill in the blank, short answer based on reading passages, multiple choice, drawing, etc. Each worksheet may contain a single subject or a collection of different subjects presented as a "general review." However, they all have a sneaky surprise at the end! Note for instructors: Some of the instructions have students making noises or moving around the class. If this is against your rules, please choose another.

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Printable High School Directions Worksheets

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#1 Read Carefully

Name the courses you are studying this year and what you plan to do with your education.

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Once Again

Follow the instructions, using a pencil and ruler, to complete the following diagram.

Math Puzzle

Solve the following puzzles. Each letter stands for a word.

Ripped Words

A word that sounds the same as but has totally different meanings.

#2 Boxy

Solve the clues, entering the answers to each clue into the boxes next to it.

Boxed Letters

The letters of the word DISMANTLE should be placed into the grid below in such a way that each horizontal row and vertical column contains a different letter.

Letter Matrix

How many words of three or more letters from different circles can you make from those on this circle, without using plurals, abbreviations or proper nouns? The center letter B must appear in every word.

Football Club

The beginning of each word in this grid is a word in itself, separately clued. When the puzzle is completed, the letters of the first vertical column will reveal the name of a top European football club.

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Making Connections

In every case below, place on word between the word to the left and the word to the right, in order to make two common phrases or words.

A-F Fills

The grid below should be filled with numbers from 1-6 so that each number appears just once in every row and column.

Crazy Places

If all zerbets are striped, and all furbies are fuzzy, and all jumpies are zerbets, then it must be true that all jumpies are striped?


Letters that fall into words.

Math Operations

What are the operations here.

Zookeeper George

Find a 4-letter word for each blank below so that when added, two new words (sharing the same middle word) are created. What is each word?

Getting the Band Together

Five friends pooled their resources one day and pieced a CD together from songs they had written. They called their band Frozen Cabbage and ended up playing a number of live gigs at local events.

Ordered Numbers

Where those numbers go?


A special math message.

Cartesian Graph

Now do the same when m = 4. Where do the points intersect if at all?

Communications Specialist

Know all your lines.