The following collection of worksheets will help reinforce the idea of reading all of the directions.

Once students become proficient readers, they get a bit lazy and forget to completely take in their surroundings and their environment at hand. You can help your students through this by trying to adjust your voice and message to their level. It may also help to read the directions with students and have them underline anything that you, as a teacher, feel is essential and requires so repeating. As students begin to progress to middle school, they will need to make certain that they read every step of their standardized tests and understand what is required of them. As kids move on to High School regardless of the task that is assigned to them, they need to be able to respond to it in stride. This series of worksheets will help students by making sure that they are paying attention to every little detail that is presented to them.

These activity sheets contain a variety of simple pictures for your students to color. Instructions are provided for each picture, directing the students to use specific colors on designated parts of the picture, as well as drawing additional elements within it. The assorted pictures include connect the dots, incomplete pictures, simple color keys, color by letter, and more. Students may also be asked to research the subject, so instructors will want to have reference material on hand. Fun Idea: Have your students make up simple stories, songs, or poems about the subject of the picture they just colored!

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Printable Primary Following Directions Worksheets

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Color the fish yellow or gold, the coral peach or pink, the sand brown. Add some blue water.

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Dragon's Life

Draw wings for the dragon and color them brown. Draw fire from his breath and color it red and his body green with scales of yellow. Add a castle and a forest in the background. He has hidden an egg under a bush. Show it on the ground.

Tractor Time

Color the seat blue, the tractor red, the tires black. Draw a picture of yourself driving the tractor.

Garbage Truck

Color the bus yellow, the tires black, the eyes brown, and the windows green. Draw the missing front tire.

House Colors

Color away on this home. Make sure to follow the key that is provided for you. What a big help.


Color the First tooth purple, the Second tooth brown, the Third tooth orange, and the Fourth tooth red .


Color the hat black, the carrot nose orange. Make three buttons any color. Make him some brown boots. Make some blue mitts for his hands.

Snowball Fight

Color the boy's toque red, the boy's boots black, his jacket blue, and the buttons green. Add an orange carrot to the snowman's face. Give the snowman a purple coat.

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Bald Eagle Dots

Join the dots, 1-45, using a pencil. Color the American Bald Eagle after doing research about the colors. Draw the clouds and ground, a mouse and a barn. Color them as well.


Join the dots, 1-45, with a pencil. Color the frog green, the vegetation, and the lily pad. Add some insects and beetles, water and more plant life. Make his tongue stick out to catch a fly.