This section is dedicated to reading comprehension worksheets for High School Juniors.

Junior year of High School is where most of the fiction works are reviewed by students. This is the key SAT time for students to really get going with their college careers. Much more is asked of students than ever before. Instead of just finding the theme or citing references, students need to find multiple themes as well as references. Students also focus a little more on literature than informational texts. I find that most students favor fiction because it allows them to use their imagination more.

There is a lot of cross curricula work between English Language Arts and Social Studies at this level. Students are often asked to evaluate historical documents and explain their significance towards and event or collaboration. Students at this level are often asked to evaluate multiple sources of similar information. You will find that many careers focus on this skill and it can be very lucrative for you, if you are good at it.

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Printable 11th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

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From The Junior Classics edited by William Patten

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Sinbad Passage Page 2

This passage talks about merchant interactions.

Sinbad Passage Page 3 and Questions

How does Sinbad characterize the fish he saw? How does Sinbad get back to the ship he originally sailed on? How does the Captain of the ship respond when Sinbad identifies himself?


Confucianism is a religion based on the teachings of Confucius. It was founded in China around the 6th/5th century, BCE, and today as nearly six million adherents. Unlike many religions which are characterized by specific traditional practices, Confucianism has no practices; rather, it concerns itself with ethical principles.

Confucianism Question Sheet

What political event occurred that paved the way for Confucianism?


This is more of a historical document.

Passage Page 2

The Speeches of Mark Twain by Mark Twain

Twain Question Sheet

Does Twain believe that every man is corruptible? Use text evidence to support your answer.

Industrial Growth in the U.S.

Changes to industry after the Civil War brought with it profound changes to everyday American life. Where once products were made by hand, machines became the main means of manufacturing, increasing production exponentially.

Industrial Growth Page 2

The government at the time was characterized by corruption. Political machines formed, keeping in contact with the people, and trading favors and jobs for votes. Corruption, poverty and poor living conditions triggered movements bent on reform.

The Right of the Strongest

Excerpted from The Social Contract by John Jacques Rousseau

Social Contract Question Worksheet

The Social Contract is a book about the best way to establish a political community. What question is Rousseau trying to settle in this passage?

Borealopelta Markmitchelli

In 2011, heavy-equipment operator Shawn Funk found a fossil in an oil sands mine in northern Alberta, Canada. It turned out to be an 18-footlong, 2,800-pound, plant-eating, armored dinosaur called a nodosaur that lived during the Cretaceous period.

Borealopelta Markmitchelli Question Sheet

What does the name Borealopelta markmitchelli mean?

Man in a State of War

The Leviathan, by Thomas Hobbes, is a work of political philosophy that was published in 1651. Its central argument is that man requires an absolute sovereign in order to live safely and in peace.

Understanding the Reading

True or False: Hobbes says that without security there is basically no point in doing anything because it can be taken away, and there is always the fear and danger of violent death.

The Great Gatsby Question Sheet 1

This worksheet should accompany you while reading the first 6 chapters.

The Great Gatsby Question Sheet 2

How does Gatsby behave when at Nick’s for lunch? How does Daisy behave? Why? What does Gatsby want from Daisy?

Last Gatsby Questions

What theme from the book is revealed in the novel’s final line: "so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past?"

A Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dim

From The Patriotic Poems of Walt Whitman

Whitman Poems Question Sheet

How does the imagery in the poem contribute to the central idea?

What is an ISBN?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a unique number that is assigned to every book that is published. It identifies both the title of the book and its publisher.

ISBN Question Worksheet

Which number in the ISBN stands for the language a book is written in? Why do larger publishers have shorter publisher identification numbers?


Passage based on Ralph Waldo Emerson's work.

Gifts Passage Page 2

In this section the author looks at many forms of jewels.

Gifts Passage Page 3

The characters start to question the worthiness of each other.

Gifts Question Sheet

What did one or Emerson's friends say is a good philosophy for giving gifts?

What is "Fair Use?"

Fair use is a concept created by a judge back in the nineteenth century, which has since been codified in the 1976 Copyright Act.

What is "Fair Use?" Question Sheet

There is no formula for determining fair use, and your use of someone else’s copyrighted work will not be found to be fair use simply because you meant no harm.

The Tyranny of Things Page 1 Passage

Based on work by Edward Sanford Martin.

The Tyranny of Things Page 2 Passage

This section looks at the decline in American Infrastruture.

The Tyranny of Things Page 3 Passage

This talks about how people are getting to comfortable, so things aren't being maintained.

The Tyranny of Things Page 4 Passage

This reflects on the human struggle that is mostly unseen.

The Tyranny of Things End Passage and Questions

How does the author explain the fact that money doesn't go as far as it used to?

The Tyranny of Things Questions

Does the author believe that people of modest income can successfully spend recreation time with the wealthy? Explain.

Instant Orchard Passage Page 1

A Suburban Housewife Plants Fruit Trees

Instant Orchard Passage Page 2

Talks about the different plants the housewife had ordered.

Instant Orchard Passage Page 3

The housewife starts contemplating the plants she bought.

Instant Orchard Passage Page 4

Four months into the realization that something is going right.

Instant Orchard Questions

Why does she question her qualifications for planting and tending an orchard?

Free Trade vs. Protection in Literature

Based on the work of Samuel McChord Crothers.

Free Trade vs. Protection in Literature Passage 2

It's a look at the forms of protection.

Free Trade vs. Protection in Literature Passage 3

It literally differs from page to page.

Free Trade vs. Protection in Literature Passage 4

The writer looks at writers and their intentions.

Free Trade vs. Protection in Literature Questions

According to the author, reading a book is an experience similar to going to a gallery to look at a new painting.