Printable reading skills worksheets for High School Seniors.

Students often reach the stereotypical last year of their K-12 years and feel they don’t have to work much at all. As if they graduated in their junior year. Nothing could be further from the truth. At this level students are expected to have a vast vocabulary that they can use in context at the drop of a hat. Examining the purpose for an author’s point of view when pushing rhetoric at the reader is a key skill that students will handle here. I’ve often found most teachers to focus on the study of the Bill of Rights for Seniors, but I have found the Declaration of Independence to be a document that really gets the conversation going.

Hopefully you are not fighting off mobile phone use when work with Upper Classmen. This is usually a pretty major issue that teachers deal with.

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Printable 12th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

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Vision Reading Passage Page 1

From The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed.

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Vision Reading Passage Page 2

This opens up the thought of the process of looking at objects.

Vision Reading Passage Page 3

We start to look at the mental idea of form.

Questions Sheet

How does the author explain the role that vision has in accounting "for our knowledge of the solidity and shape of the objective world?"

Extended Questions

According to the author, if "vision is seldom if ever consulted for itself," what do humans use vision for?

Is Big Agriculture Progress?

American agriculture has become increasingly dominated by large companies like Archer-Daniels Midland (ADM), Cargill, and Monsanto, and the number of people working in agriculture has been cut in half since 1946, as agriculture becomes increasingly mechanized.

Big Agriculture Worksheet Page 2

Where eating was once a fairly straightforward activity, people raised, bought, sold, and ate animals and plants that were produced close to home, there are now many movements and philosophies surrounding the way we eat, and modern agriculture has become extremely controversial.

Reading Comprehension Questions

Name two reasons that Wendell Berry feels that agriculture cannot be understood and dealt with as an industry.

Plymouth Rock and Pilgrims

First annual dinner address.

Plymouth Rock and Pilgrims Page 2 Worksheet

We look at the ancestors of the leader.

Plymouth Rock and Pilgrims Page 3

They took a look at Slavery.

Questions Sheet

Why does Twain think that the Pilgrim's landing at Plymouth Rock is not a matter for celebration?

Twain Essay

What is Twain’s final call to action?

Promoting Careers in Cybersecurity Passage Page 1

Cybersecurity is a promising career field for young people entering the workforce who want to make a difference, and there are many opportunities for girls in cyber.

Promoting Careers in Cybersecurity Passage Page 2

According to the Cybersecurity Jobs Report by Cybersecurity Ventures, we will have a deficit of 3.5 million cybersecurity professional by what year?

Women in Newspapers

Excerpted from History of Woman Suffrage, Volume I Edited by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Matilda Joslyn Gage

Women in Newspapers Passage Page 2

Sarah Josepha Hale established a ladies' magazine in Boston in 1827, which she afterward removed to Philadelphia.

Women in Newspapers Passage Page 3

Who at one time filled an important clerkship in the United States Treasury.

Women in Newspapers Passage Page 4

The Ballot-Box was started early in the 19th century.

Women in Newspapers Passage Page 5

Exposition of 1876 in publisher and edited.

Question Sheet

This passage is a chapter in a book about women's suffrage. Why do you think that the editors chose to include such an exhaustive catalog of the historical role what women have played in the press?

Spy Techniques From the American Revolution

Have you ever wondered how spies did their job 200 years ago? In fact, they used a variety of tools and techniques that were at the forefront of technology for their time; that, along with leveraging personal relationships, personal cunning, and a having a lot of guts.

Culper Spy Ring Lesson

Letters represent and replace other letters so that anyone looking at the correspondence would think it was gibberish.

First Flights

The first flights with the power machine were made on December 17, 1903. Only five persons besides ourselves were present.

Wrights Brother

Why do the Wright brothers think that hardly anyone showed up to see the first flight?

Plantar Fibroma and Plantar Fibromatosis

A plantar fibroma is a benign growth on the bottom of the foot. Similar, more rapidly growing masses, also benign, are called plantar fibromatosis.

Question Sheet

What is Plantar Fibroma and Plantar Fibromatosis?

Sonnet 12 By William Shakespeare

What does the speaker recommend as a remedy to the problem the poem describes?

Soil Health

The health of a garden - and the nutrients of the foods it produces - is only as good as the health of the soil it comes from. Currently. soil faces 10 main threats, all of which humans contribute to: soil erosion, soil organic carbon loss, nutrient imbalance, soil acidification, soil contamination, waterlogging, soil compaction, soil sealing, salinization and loss of soil .

Soil Health Question Sheet

Which property of soil can be changed by soil management?

Jean Valjean From Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

A well known passage for you to breakdown and go through like a raven.

Jean Valjean Page 2

Talks about the tribals and the actions of Jean Valjean.

Jean Valjean Page 3

A look at his travels and movements.

Jean Valjean Page 4

We look deeper at his motivation and purpose.

Jean Valjean Question Sheet

What is the author’s tone in this chapter, and what does it tell you about his possible reasons for writing Les Miserables? Use text evidence to support your answer. Use the back of this page if you need more space.

Political Parties and Political Machines Page 1

A political party is an enduring organization composed of people with relatively similar political aims and opinions, that seeks to influence public policy by getting its candidates elected to public office.

Political Parties and Political Machines Page 2

It was 1828, however, before two enduring political parties with identifiable ideologies and agendas were established; the DemocraticRepublicans evolved into the Democratic Party, and an offshoot of the National Republicans, called the Whig party, formed to oppose them in 1834. Both parties used grassroots tactics, including going door-to-door and sponsoring picnics and rallies.

Political Parties and Political Machines Page 3

Party machines controlled the government at this time, and sponsored many public works programs like building and maintaining roads, sewers, and buildings, as well as administering social welfare initiatives, all of which garnered them many loyal followers, though they were rife with corruption.

Political Machines Vocabulary

Define or explain each of the following terms

Democracy in America

A look at the work of Alexis de Tocqueville.

Democracy in America Page 2

We look at over 200 years of the movement itself.

Reading Democracy

We look at how Democracy has fared in other cultures and countries.

Reading Questions Sheet

What are the two different opinions about the nature and consequences of the democratic revolution?

Executive-Centered Government Question Sheet

Why was the ability of political parties to control policy agenda weakened beginning in the 1930s?

Wage Labor

From The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

The Communist Manifesto Page 2

This section looks at the concept of buying and selling things in this system.

Communist Manifesto Question Sheet

Marx and Engels state the few only have private property because nine tenths of the population do not.