A series of reading worksheets that can help your second grade students practice their reading comprehension skills.

At the 2nd grade level students begin to expand their vocabulary and grow to learning complex words and have the innate ability to focus on larger words. They can also absorb higher levels of information at a much more rapid rate. Students begin to expand their knowledge of genres beyond fiction and nonfiction. The focus shifts a bit to a slower and steadier pace with poetry. This is often where students can start to hold discussion about what they have read and where it sits in their mindset. This is the grade level where I will allow a group of mature students to begin the process of peer review and editing. This is where teachers can begin to encourage students to read for purpose. It is also where students begin to thrive on the concept of reading for purpose.

2nd graders are starting to read full sentences and working up to paragraphs. It's important that over the course of these worksheets students begin to build up a bit of reading endurance. This will serve them well as they start to work towards full on reading of bodies of work. These reading comprehension worksheets contain reading assignments and sets of questions for your second grade students. Question sheets may include such activities as short answer, placing events in the correct order, multiple choice, matching terms with the correct picture, matching opposites, group activities, and more. There are multiple question sheets for each reading passage, so be sure to print them all. In this particular section the answer keys are a little more clear cut than other sections.

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Printable 2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

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Max's Best Friend

Max sat by the window looking at the street. Soon his best friend would be home. It would be the most fun time of the day. Then the school bus came and Alexander got off the bus, came up the walk and into the house.

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Questions on Max

When Alexander came home, what did he do first?

Story Sequences

Put the story in the right order.

Baby Chicks

Mother Hen was sitting on her nest of straw in the chicken house at Brooks Acres Farm. Under her warm feathers were five eggs. Mother Hen had laid these eggs about 21 days ago so the baby chicks inside the eggs were ready to hatch.

Multiple Choice

How long does it take before a chick hatches from an egg?

Hen Anatomy

Draw a line from the name of a part of the Mother Hen to its location on the bird.

Summer Treats

Jessica and Ellen were having fun on the swings at the park on a hot summer day. They both loved the feeling of the air on their faces when they would swing high up over the ground. After a little while they dragged their sneakers in the dirt to stop swinging.

Summer Treats Multiple Choice Questions

After playing on the swings where did the twins go?

Popsicle Flavor Worksheet

Match the popsicle flavor with the name of the fruit.

The Elephant and the Sunbird Worksheet

Gajbaahu the mighty elephant was walking through the jungle in India. He is a different species than the elephants of Africa and he was proud to be an Indian elephant.

Elephant and the Sunbird Question Sheet

Which of these animals did Gajbaahu see while walking?

Animals of India Matching Sheet

Match the animal name with the picture.

Charleston's Kitten

Charleston wanted to have a pet of his very own. He thought and thought to decide what kind of pet he would like. Fish are colorful but he couldn't hold a fish.

Bedtime for Benji

Benji decided to watch the stars and the moon. Then he began to hear strange noises.

Bedtime for Benji Multiple Choice

What animal came to see Benji first? What animal cam to see Benji last?

Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal animals sleep during the day and are active at night. Identify these nocturnal animals.

A Birdhouse

Come Saturday morning Britney and Matthew arrived at the park recreation building wondering how they would build a birdhouse. They had never built anything before.

Birdhouse Questions

Where did the kids go to make a birdhouse? Where was the entrance hole of the birdhouse?

Tools For The Job

Match the tool with its name.

Question Sheet

What kind of tree did the young squirrels live in?

Matching Opposites

Draw a line to connect the opposites.

In the Lily Pond

Tina the Tadpole was living happily in the lily pond. She was a bullfrog tadpole and was already one year old. Bullfrog tadpoles must be two or three years old before they change from a tadpole into a young bullfrog. Tina was good at hiding near the muddy bottom of the pond.

Tadpole Question Sheet

Which animal is a tadpole predator? What kind of tadpole is Tina?

Matching Pictures Worksheet

Match the picture with its name.

Harvey's Day Worksheet

Harvey was wide awake with the first light of the sun over the water. In fact, Harvey Penguin gets to stay up as late as he wants at night.

Penguin Questions

Harvey Penguin lives in the water near which continent?

Animals of the Southern Ocean

Match the pictures to: Albatross, Blue whale, Orca whale, Penguin, Seal, Shark

The Frogs Have a Fashion Show

One day a girl name Betty was outside playing with her dolls. It was getting near lunchtime, and her mother called her inside to eat. Betty was hungry.

Frogs Have a Fashion Show Questions

Why do the other frogs start trying on the doll's clothes?

The Fight at Recess Reading Practice

Why did all the other students forget what they were going to do?

How to Make a Paper Boat

What kind of shape will the paper naturally start to pop into?

Reading is Good for You!

Reading can also make you feel more calm. What is your favorite thing about reading?

Picture Day

A reading passage about the family picture day.

Picture Day Questions

How does the photographer get Ellie to smile for her picture?

George Gets Lost

Once there was a lady who lived alone with her cat, George. She loved George very much. She lived in the city, and in the evenings George would sit outside with her on the fire escape while she read with a flashlight and listened to the night sounds.

Why the Bear is Stumpy-tailed

Why did the bear sit on the ice for so long?

Androcles and the Lion

A story with a moral attached to it.

A Good Day for Birds

After she had gone two miles, Jill and Magellan turned around. On the way back, she let Magellan wade in a shallow stream to cool off.

Get Out Alive

What You Need to Know if There is a House Fire

Fire Questions

What's the most important thing to do when there is a fire?

Moving Day

Why was Paul disappointed about the new house?

Merryleg's Story

A reading to work through with a deep thought process.

Merryleg's Story Page 2

Thinking this is a clear and concise passage might be naive.

Merryleg's Story Question Worksheet

How did Merrylegs hint to the boys that he thought they had enough?

Amelia Earhart

Amelia was an adventurous and athletic kid. She and her sister collected insects and frogs, and she even hunted rats in her father's barn with a rifle.

Amelia TRUE or FALSE

Amelia was inspired to fly when she saw one of the Wright Brothers’ first airplanes at the Iowa State Fair.

The Midnight Ride

From 50 Famous People...

Midnight Ride Page 2

Students will practice reading pictographs. Three problems are provided.

Reading Midnight Ride Questions

Who ruled this country when the ride of Paul Revere took place?

The Bull was Right

Once there was a boy who was always reading a book. He lived on a farm with his three brothers, but he did not play in the barn, or go fishing, or help out with the animals like his brothers did.

The Bull was Right Questions

Which of the three animals says that the book must be special if the boy has it with him all the time?