A nice set of printable reading comprehension worksheets for fourth graders.

In the 4th grade we look for students to start to become a little more independent with their reading and attach a value of importance on reading. This is also the first grade level where reading level become self-evident to students. These worksheets contain reading assignments and sets of questions for your fourth grade students. In this section we have a huge series of reading comprehension worksheets specifically designed for fourth grade students. We refer to the goal for this grade level as the CONFIDENCE Stage. We want young readers to start believing in themselves, to the point, where the start don't feel any fear of going off on their own reading away. This is usually the reading testing grade level for most students. Students are ready to read and comprehend a little more. They are just about ready for completely independent reading. You should really try to work with these sheets as much as possible.

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Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets 4th Grade

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Sue Reading Worksheet

A Visit with Sue Reading Passage

The bus made its way through the crowded streets of Chicago and soon the class could see the water of Lake Michigan. The teacher reminded everyone that Lake Michigan is one of the five Great Lakes.

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Sue Multiple Choice Worksheet

A Visit with Sue Multiple Choice Questions

This is a series of question that goes with the previous reading passage. An example question would be: Sue was discovered in what state?

Sue Activities Worksheet

A Visit with Sue Activities

This is a series tasks that you will need a computer to complete. It is all related to the previous reading passage. Use the Internet to find a picture of Sue the dinosaur skeleton at the Field Museum in Chicago.

Juggler Reading Worksheet

Juggler in Training Reading Passage

One night at supper Jennifer announced, "I want to learn how to juggle. I brought home a book from the library that shows me how to start juggling."

Juggler Multiple Choice Worksheet

Juggler in Training Multiple Choice Questions

In the first juggling lesson how many balls did Jennifer put on her head at one time?

Juggler Internet Activities Worksheet

Juggler in Training Activities

Some of these tasks will require that you physically perform them. You will also need to look inside yourself and answer questions such as: Have you ever quit an activity because you thought you weren’t good at it? Did you try again later and succeed?

Turtle Reading Passage

Tuttle the Turtle Reading Passage

Tuttle was snug inside his leathery egg. It was completely dark but he didn't care because he was warm and safe in a nest in the sand. His mother had left Tuttle and his brothers and sisters hidden inside the nest.

Turtle Multiple Choic Worksheet

Tuttle the Turtle Multiple Choice Questions

Answer questions that go with the previous series of worksheets. When the safest time for baby turtles to hatch?

Turtle Activities Worksheet

Tuttle the Turtle Activities

A green sea turtle can stay submerged under the water for up to five hours. If a green sea turtle gets air at 11 a.m. at what is the latest time will it need to get air again?

Seconds Count Reading Worksheet

Seconds Count Reading Passage

Friday night Christy started to get her outfit ready for the next day's event. She pressed her long-sleeve Western shirt and jeans. She checked the snaps on the sleeves of her shirt.

Seconds Count Reading Worksheet

Seconds Count Multiple Choice Questions

Answer a selection of questions that relates to the previous reading passage. What kind of competition were Christy and Trixie in?

Seconds Count Activities Worksheet

Seconds Count Activities

These activities relate to the previous reading passage. Last year's champion enters the arena at a gallop. What are the different gaits of a horse?

Aquarium Reading Worksheet

The Aquarium Reading Passage

The bell rang and science class was over for the day. A couple of the kids stopped and asked Mr. Ramone if the class could take a field trip to the aquarium at the end of the school year.

Aquarium Multiple Choice Worksheet

The Aquarium Multiple Choice Questions

This and the next worksheet go right along with the previous reading worksheet passage. An example of a solid question in this section is: What was special about the shark tank? Who else in the classroom had visited the aquarium?

Aquarium Matching Worksheet

The Aquarium Matching Sheet

We provide you with pictures of a series of sea creatures. Using what you have read, name each of them.

Cat Grandma Reading Worksheet

Fraidy Cat Grandma Reading Passage

Cousins Eddie and Emily couldn't believe their ears. Grandma Jordan was never afraid of anything. Why, they had heard her stories of driving her old hot rod Dodge Charger, bright metallic blue with a white top, way back when.

Cat Grandma Multiple Choice Worksheet

Fraidy Cat Grandma Multiple Choice Questions

These questions apply to the previous reading worksheet. Where will Grandma Jordan take Eddie and Emily after they have their shots?

Cat Grandma Activities Worksheet

Fraidy Cat Grandma Activities

Answer a series of questions and complete tasks that are related to what you have read. Why do kids need to have immunization shots in order to attend school?

1776 Reading Worksheet

Teaching in 1776 Reading Passage

Seventeen year-old Becky Robinson was nervous about her job interview. She had never been more than five miles from her home and here she was in the small village of Brookline, Massachusetts, twenty-four miles from her home.

1776 Multiple Choice Worksheet

Teaching in 1776 Multiple Choice Questions

As you can tell from the reading passage, teaching has changed a good bit since that time. What skill was important to the committee that hired the new teacher?

1776 Activities Worksheet

Teaching in 1776 Activities

Locate pictures of old documents like the Declaration of Independence. Compare the handwriting on these documents with the handwriting of today.

Norman Rockwell Worksheet

Norman Rockwell - American Illustrator Reading Passage

This is quick biography of the legendary illustrator. Norman let his imagination flow with the stories. He could see the characters of the novels in his mind as he was engrossed in the stories.

Rockwell Multiple Choice Worksheet

Norman Rockwell Multiple Choice Questions

You will answer a series of questions based on the reading passage. At school the kids used what name did the kids call Norman Rockwell?

Rockwell Activities Worksheet

Norman Rockwell Activities

This is a sheet that you can complete as an entire class. Have a class discussion about why you shouldn't call other kids names or tease them. Talk about how Norman Rockwell felt when other kids did not treat him well because of how he looked or what he wore.

Ruby Bridges Reading Worksheet

Ruby Bridges - A Girl Who Changed America

In 1960 segregation was practiced, especially in the southern states. One part of segregation was that white children attended school together and black children attended their own schools.

Bridges Multiple Choice Worksheet

Ruby Bridges Multiple Choice Questions

This is a series of questions that goes with the previous reading worksheet. Who helped Ruby every day in and out of school?

Bridges Activities Worksheet

Ruby Bridges Activities

A series of questions that goes with your previous reading passage. Why did the angry mob protest that Ruby was going to the school she was attending?

Fiddling Forever Reading Worksheet

Fiddling Forever Reading Passage

There was no question about it, Sven was the best fiddler in the county and everyone loved to hear him play. He lived alone in the deep Minnesota woods and occasionally came to town.

Fiddling Multiple Choice Worksheet

Fiddling Forever Multiple Choice Questions

We ask you a series of questions that goes with the previous reading passage. An example would be: Where does this story take place?

Fiddling Activities Worksheet

Fiddling Forever Activities

This story is a version of an American folk tale. Explain what a folk tale is. If you don't know, look up the answer.

Cupid Reading Worksheet

Cupid and Psyche Reading Practice

This passage is an exercept from a classic work of Holbrooke. It is a single passage and a selection of questions. Such as: what can make love depart if it possesses the soul?

Counterpane Reading Worksheet

The Land of Counterpane Reading

What do you think the word counterpane means? This quick reading worksheet will keep your students pretty busy and then have them answer 3 questions and a bonus.

Narcissus Reading Worksheet

The Story of Narcissus

Read the passage and then answer questions such as: Why did the gods turn Narcissus into a flower?

Minerva and Arachne Reading Worksheet

Minerva and Arachne Reading

This reading selection comes from "Round the World in Myth and Song" by Florence Holbrooke. We dive in and there is a series of questions that follow below.

Minerva and Arachne Questions Worksheet

Minerva and Arachne Questions

The questions and reading section you will find here flows with previous reading passage. Where do Leda and the Swan appear in this story?

Considerable Speck Worksheet

A Considerable Speck

A reading passage from a Frost poem.

Frost Questions Sheet Worksheet

Frost Questions Sheet

Consider the final lines of the poem. There are two "displays of mind" in this poem. What are they? What does message does the poet convey - explicitly and implicitly - in the final lines of the poem?

Shiloh Worksheet

Reading Comprehension Questions: Shiloh

Did Marty do the right thing when he made the deal with Judd? Why or why not?

Comprehension Journal Worksheet

Fiction Comprehension Journal

A template for journaling a work of fiction.

Magnetic Compass Reading Worksheet

The Magnetic Compass Reading

A passage that covers a wide range of history. What did the Vikings invent, and how did it give them an advantage over other civilizations?

Day and Night Reading Worksheet

Day and Night

Why are day and night not equally divided into 12 hours each?

Cities Changed the World Worksheet

How The Rise of Cities Changed the World

Before the growth of what we call "civilization," people lived in small villages, and fed themselves by hunting and gathering. this reading passage explores this time in history.

Changed the World Questions Worksheet

Rise of Cities Changed the World Questions

We answer a series of problems. What are two ways that the rise of civilization changed human societies?

Dolphin Reading Worksheet

Saved By A Dolphin Reading

This reading passage explores a well known piece from Baldwin.

Part 2 Worksheet

Saved By A Dolphin Part 2

This is a long reading passage this the work continued.

Dolphin Questions Worksheet

Saved By A Dolphin Questions

These questions are based on the first two pages of reading. What does Arion ask the captain and the sailors to do?

Clever Slave Reading Worksheet

A Clever Slave Reading

A story of the rich man Xanthus that is thought to be an inspirational story.

Slave Questions Worksheet

A Clever Slave Questions Worksheet

Why does Aesop choose the largest bundle? Why does this turn out to be the wise choice?

Seat BeltsReading Worksheet

Seat Belts, Save Lives Reading

This reading passage just makes sense to explore in the 4th grade. What is the leading cause of death for people aged 11 to 27?

Humpback Whales Reading Worksheet

Baby Humpback Whales "Talk" to Mom Reading

This is an interesting reading passage that explores some recent science. Researchers in Denmark recently tracked two humpback whale mothers and eight baby calves to figure out how the babies signal hunger.

Humpback Whales Questions Worksheet

Baby Humpback Whales "Talk" to Mom Comprehension Questions

Questions that go with the previous worksheet. Example: Why is the journey back with their mothers dangerous for the calves?

Five Fables Worksheet

Five Fables

A fable is a short story that teaches a lesson. Read each fable. What lesson is it teaching? Write your answer on the line.

Five Fables Worksheet

Five Fables Part 2

Includes: The Mouse and the Bull, The Fox and the Grapes.

How to Improve a 4th Grader's Level of Reading Comprehension

The 4th grade is a good time for kids to learn slightly complex concepts. By this time, they have developed a sense of the schooling system. They also have essential alphabetical knowledge. As a teacher, it is vital to work on the reading comprehension part of the 4th graders. There are many ways to improve students' comprehension in the 4th grade. While some instructors use traditional methods of improving students' reading skills, others use fun activities to achieve the goal.

The strong readers seem to breeze through most of school while the struggling readers seem to be stuck in mud with their learning. This is why we encourage all 4th grade teachers to model a consistent self-reading program with students. What we mean by this is to share with your class what you are reading as an adult. At this level students as quietly searching for a role model and what better role model than their teacher. What I do is every Monday I set aside five minutes to explain to students what I read over the weekend. I ask students to make predictions on where the stories I am reading are going and we review their predictions the following Monday. Which ever student guesses correctly, I give them a sugar-free lollipop. This is pretty effective for getting students engaged.

Reading Comprehension Activities for 4th Graders

Dice Rolling Games

One of the most exciting reading comprehension activities for 4th graders is dice rolling games. You will need a set of a few dice to conduct this activity. By assigning different questions about a specific topic to each number on the dice, you can ask your students to roll it turn by turn.

As soon as the dice rolls up a number, the student will have to read and answer the question associated with that number. This game will engage them to play and improve their comprehension.

Build Things to Explain

4th graders love to be experimental. You can use their ability to improve their reading and understanding. As a teacher, you can ask each of your students to build structures of their choice using building blocks, paper cups, paper clips, or color markers. Once done, you can ask them to explain to everyone about their structure.

If you want the kids to learn about a specific topic, you may assign them relevant structures to build and present to the class. By engaging in the activity, the 4th graders can learn to comprehend different concepts using their ideas.

Color-Coding Games

Color-coding can help students differentiate between different terms and their uses in a passage. By highlighting words and phrases with unique colors, you can help your students to familiarize the meanings and types of words used in a course. This activity is an excellent fit for teaching the use of language.

You can assign colors to different meanings (positive or negative). For example, by highlighting a word with red color, you may help your students identify it as an item's negative feature.

Cheeseburger Reports

Cheeseburger reports are effective for independent learning and organizational comprehension. Students can arrange relevant information into designated spaces by drawing them in a cheeseburger format in this activity. You may identify mandatory and optional parts to add to the report as preferred.

For example, 4th graders can place the story's title in the top bun, the characters of the story in the layer below it, followed by the additional details (chronologically) placed in the chees slice and lower bun.

Flip Notes

The flip notes activity can be as creative as you want it to be. You can create colored pieces of small notes and place them randomly in the students' books. Each student can flip open the book to find a message with a question relevant to the subject. You can ask the 4th graders to state the answers based on their knowledge.

To improve their comprehension time, you can also use a clock timer for each student to answer the question in time.

Summing Up

There are many ways to improve the reading comprehension of 4th graders. While this may be correct, it is essential to understand the strengths and weaknesses of students before engaging them in the activities. If you are a mother teaching your kids at home, you can find multiple fun activities on the internet to get started.