Fifth grade level reading comprehension worksheets composed in sets for easy use.

Students at the fifth grade level should have a good handle on how to see patterns in words and breakdown sounds. The goal at this level is focus on context skills and help young readers decipher the meaning of words that are unfamiliar to them by relying on the words and sentences that surround them. This is usually a rough ride at first but becomes doable with a little experience. Students at the fifth grade level are highly fluent readers. They start to use advanced decoding skills that allows them to begin to understand much more complex bodies of work. Most teachers feel that fifth grade is a good time to introduce a novel. This is because our young readers now have some comprehension endurance. When they were younger, they could only follow works that were short and concise, but not anymore.

These fifth grade reading comprehension worksheets will present students with a variety of topics that are designed to help motivate students and keep them interested. The first page is the actual reading passage which is followed by a multiple-choice selection of questions. Each question features three possible outcomes. We then end off each series with a free response worksheet. Please note that answers are fully provided, but some free response questions may have endless answers. Students should pay particular attention to the reading forms since at this grade level they tend to introduce new writing forms for the kids.

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Printable 5th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

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The Apprentice – Williamsburg Style

Twelve year-old Henry awoke at dawn on a chilly December morning, reluctant to toss off his warm covers. He slept in the unheated attic of his master’s house and he knew the floor would be cold under his feet.

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The Apprentice Multiple Choice Questions

Mr. Wilson was supposed to provide Henry with what?

The Apprentice Activities

Do some research and find out what a Johnny cake is. Do people still eat Johnny cakes?

Halloween Creatures

Uncle Moses is in his fifties and has been a bachelor all his life. He doesn’t have any family living in the Middlebury area but somehow everybody around town calls him Uncle Moses anyway.

Halloween Creatures Multiple Choice Questions

Wampirs are part of the folklore of what country?

Halloween Creatures Activities

Do you like to watch horror movies with vampires or werewolves? Explain why or why not.

The Argument Reading

Mom could hear the girls squabbling all the way in the kitchen. It was the third time this week that the sisters had been arguing over something or fighting about nothing.

The Argument Multiple Choice Questions

In what room of the house does the story take place?

The Argument Activities

Have a class discussion about a fight you had with a brother or sister and what you did to resolve it.

Into Space Passage

Little Neil was just two years old when his Dad took him to watch an airplane race. The year was 1932 and in those days air shows featured brightly colored aircraft piloted by daredevils.

Into Space Multiple Choice Questions

How old was Neil when he obtained his student pilot's license?

Into Space Activities

How old was Neil Armstrong when he walked on the moon?

Koko Reading

While Koko can hear perfectly she cannot speak words; instead she joins thousands of others who communicate through American Sign Language.

Koko Multiple Choice Questions

When did Koko start learning to communicate with humans?

Koko Activities

Koko is also an artist and she does abstract paintings which are shown on the web site. Explain what abstract art is. Do you like abstract art?

Opening Day at the Subway Reading Passage

London was the first major city in the world to have a subway.

Opening Day at the Subway Multiple Choice Questions

What kind of special key was used for the New York subway opening?

Opening Day at the Subway Activities

How long after the London subway opened did the New York subway open?

Giant Flowers Passage

In Georgia O'Keefe's era most people believed that only men could become famous artists.

Giant Flowers Multiple Choice Questions

. How old was Georgia O'Keefe when she said she wanted to be an artist?

Giant Flowers Activities

Find a picture of a jack-in-the-pulpit flower. Write a descriptive essay of this unusual flower.

Scottie Reading Passage

Scottie started life as the youngest of twelve children in a town of just 3,000 people in rural Arkansas.

Scottie Multiple Choice Questions

Why was Scottie Pippen dropped from the college basketball team?

Scottie Activities

Scottie Pippen played for the Chicago Bulls with two other famous basketball players, Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman.

The Height of Fashion Reading Passage

This worksheet explains how to make pictographs to convey information visually. A sample problem is solved.

The Height of Fashion Multiple Choice Questions

Why was William pleased with himself when he left for church?

The Height of Fashion Outfit Matching Worksheet

Match the outfit with the American time period.

The Flying Tomato Reading Passage

Shaun White - This robust and unstoppable athlete actually started out life with a serious problem, a birth defect in his heart.

The Flying Tomato Multiple Choice Questions

Who helped Shaun White to learn skateboarding?

The Flying Tomato Activities

Why is The Flying Tomato a good nickname for Shaun White?

Down the Rabbit Hole Reading Passage

Adapted from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Down the Rabbit Hole Multiple Choice Questions

Why did Alice have plenty of time to look while she travelled down the rabbit hole?

Who was Rasputin? Reading Passage

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin is commonly known as the 'Mad Monk,' but he was not a monk.

Who was Rasputin? Comprehension Questions

What is Rasputin a symbol of to ordinary Russian people?

A Surprising Discovery Reading Passage

It was at the gravel-pits. Father had to go away suddenly on business, and mother had gone away to stay with Granny, who was not very well.

A Surprising Discovery Short Answer Questions

What does Robert think that they have found?

The Giver Comprehension Questions

This worksheet should accompany you when reading The Giver.

Peter Breaks Through Reading Passage

The story of Mrs. Darling.

Peter Breaks Through Questions

What was the most perplexing thing that Mrs. Darling found in her children's minds?

The Parting Reading Passage

Now I had lived in this happy place three years, but sad changes were about to come over us.

The Parting Questions

How long had Black Beauty been at “this happy place” when the story begins?

What's a Safari?

What does the word "safari" mean in Swahili?

What the Cat Said Reading

From My Father's Dragon.

What the Cat Said Questions

Where are the narrator's father and the cat when his father tells the cat he would like to have an airplane?


Which two continents to some geographers combine?

Voting Rights for Washington D.C.?

Approximately 673,000 people live in Washington D.C., but the citizens of Washington D.C. are not represented in Congress, because Washington D.C. is not a state.

Voting Rights Questions

How is D.C. different from other countries of the world with a democratic, representative constitution?

The History of Pizza Passage

You probably think that pizza comes from Italy, but it actually originated in ancient Greece.

The History of Pizza Questions

In which country did pizzas begin to resemble the meal we know by that name today?

Some History about Robots

Robots in some form have been with human beings for thousands of years.

What is Botany?

The pupils are very apt to say at first that it is learning about flowers.

The Siberian Husky

Many people think that huskies look like wolves. Bred to be a sled dog, they have amazing endurance and a willingness to work.

Dog Groups Reading Passage

Dogs in the Working, Herding, and Sporting groups require a lot of exercise, as well as regular mental stimulation.

Dog Groups Questions

Which dog might you consider if you wanted a high-energy dog that can be taught to do a job?