A super collection of printable worksheets for Kindergarten students.

When a student is prepared for kindergarten there are several skills that are often present as far as reading goes. They should be able to recognize and even read their name. Hopefully, they know their alphabet and can recite it from memory. They may know some sound that letters make, but not all. They can easily hear a rhythm whether it be in a song or a voiced sentence. Students that are ready understand that they should read a cover of a book from right to left. They also inheritably understand that everything should be observed from the top to the bottom. Ready kindergarteners can almost always retell their favorite story that they heard or saw. Many times, a student is lacking in a few of these qualities and that is not an alarm, but a subtle caution that they may need more time to develop their skills.

These are worksheets for Kindergarten students that are just getting started with reading. This is the level where pre-readers and sentence-level readers collide a bit. Many Kindergarten teachers are usually the first wave of the assault on getting kids to love to read. It is a seemingly impossible task that many veteran teachers handle like a BOSS. This is a critical skill that follows people all the way through life. Parents need to realize the importance of this year and do everything in their power to support the teachers' effort in the classroom. Reading is a lifelong skill that is often overlooked in a society that is dominated by 140 character thoughts from random people with some level of fame. If you scroll down you will see many Kindergarten level reading sheets that you can print.

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Printable Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Worksheets

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Ski Trip

Ken goes on a ski trip. Ken loves to ski. He skis down a hill. Ken thinks that the best thing is that he goes very fast.

At the Shelter

Lynn and her mother go to the animal shelter. They want to adopt a pet. They see cats and kittens. They see big dogs. They see little dogs. They see rabbits.


If I had a wagon I’d pack up all my stuff I’d bring a bag of cookies and a chocolate cream puff

Sick Day

Hank was home sick from school. Sam called him after school.

Spooky Golf

There was a new indoor golf course in town. Don went with his father. It was dark in the golf course. Many things glowed in the dark.

Big Gorilla

Katy is planning a birthday party. She wants a big gorilla to play the guitar at her party!

Dressing Up

Joe and Marty are dressing up like cowboys. Joe puts on a cowboy hat. Marty puts on a cowboy hat. Joe puts on boots. Marty puts on boots.

The Zebra

Mary and her mother go to the zoo. They see monkeys. They see bears. They see lions.


Don has a fish tank. Inside the tank there are many fish. There are big fish. There are small fish. There are red fish. There are blue fish. But one fish has many colors.

Turkey Sub

If Joe could only eat one thing For the whole rest of his days He would choose a turkey sub With a whole lot of mayonnaise.


Frank woke up. It is Mom's birthday! Frank wants to give Mom a gift. I will pick Mom some flowers, Frank says.

The Fair

It is summer. It is time for the county fair! Penny wants to go to the fair. She wants to see the pigs. She wants to see the cows.


A baby frog is called a tadpole. Tadpoles have gills and live in water. When tadpoles grow into frogs, they have lungs. Frogs live around water.


In spring, there is a lot of rain. The weather gets warmer. Flowers bloom. Trees get leaves. Grass grows. Many animals, like birds and rabbits, have babies in the spring.

The Dirty Duck

The duck ran into the mud. He got dirty. The duck did not want to be dirty.

Dirty Duck Question #4

The last question to previous reading worksheet.