Whether it's a thank you note or catching up with family, these worksheets examine letters.

Writing isn't just for school assignments or business reports; sometimes we just want to touch base with a friend or distant family member. Whether it's an old-fashioned handwritten letter or an e-mail, there are still suggested formats. These activity sheets will present your students with different scenarios and ask them to write a specific kind of letter. Tips as to which information should be included are provided, as well as templates for the letters themselves.

We have been writing this format from the day we send a Holiday card to the time you kept in touch with your relatives. While not often seeing as one of the most necessary forms of writing, it has been shown to be the form of writing we often practice the most.

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Printable Writing Friendly Letters Worksheets

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Writing Friendly Letters

Imagine that your best friend will be going to a different school next year. Fill in this chart to help you organize your thoughts for writing a letter to your friend.

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Message Outline

A timely organizer for your writings.

Write a Friendly Letter

Imagine that you have a new neighbor and you want to write a friendly note welcoming this new family to the neighborhood. Use the questions below to get your thoughts organized.

Outlined Letter

This writing sheet offers a reminder of the main parts of this writing form.

Short and Sweet

Think about something that someone has given you lately, or something nice that someone has done for you. Use the template below to write them a thank you note.

Friendly Notes

The format below is the standard format for writing a short, informal note. Imagine that your teacher has recommended you for a scholarship. Write him a short note to express your appreciation.

Informal Letters

Use the format below to practice writing a short, informal letter to someone you know well. Choose one of these scenarios as the subject of your note.

Writing to Someone You Admire

Today you're going to write a friendly letter to someone that you admire and send it in the mail.

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How A Letter Works

Use the template below to draft your note. Use the back of this page if you need more space. Then use the checklist to make sure that your note is written correctly. W

Saying Thanks

The format below is the standard format for writing a thank you note. A thank you note is a short note that you write when someone has done something nice for you.

Writing Postcards

Imagine you are on your dream vacation. Use the postcard below to write a note to a friend.

Writing a Friendly Note

The format below is the standard format for writing a friendly note. You can write a note to thank someone for something, to pass on news, to say congratulations, or just to say hello.

A new Pet

Imagine that you have just gotten a new pet, and you want to share the news with your cousin, who lives in another state.

Pet Forms

A solid outline for kids.

Writing to a Pen Pal

Imagine you have just been given a pen pal in a foreign country to write to. Use the chart below to organize your thoughts. Then use the second page to compose your first letter to your pen pal.

Short Notes

Choose someone to whom you would like to write a note. Use the "stationery" provided to compose your note.

Planning a Letter

Imagine that you are going to be traveling, and would like to stop by and see a friend while you are in the area. Write a letter to your friend that explains your situation and asks if you can get together.