A series of printable worksheets that act as writing starters giving students ideas to work off of.

Middle school is the first time students are in a large building and for five to six years it is the first time that they meet a whole new group of students. One of the biggest things in a middle schoolers life is getting their very own locker. This ranks up their with learning to drive an automobile, as far as importance in their lives. This is also the first time that students get a mix of different teachers. Middle school students love to collaborate, for the most part. It is the first time where their social sides are starting to come out of their shell. One way to embrace this as a teacher is to allow students to write in collaboration. I feel that forced collaboration puts some students in bad situation in certain classes, so this may be something you should explore further. In most cases collaboration is great at the middle school level. The writing prompts we have below try to capturing the thoughts and imaginations of this time in their lives.

These writing prompts are designed motivate students to write well thought out creative pieces. They include a few pieces that ask you to chart show exotic travel. We also explore the concept of greed and moral dilemmas. The pieces that your students will create will lead to some passionate discussions. You should plan to build some time in for that. The printable pages found below will get students thinking of an idea to a short burst of writing. In many cases students can take their ideas and just run with it.

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Printable Middle School Writing Prompts Worksheets

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Around the world in 180 days

Present students with a map of the world. Students are tasked with identifying books with either titles that include different places around the world or with settings in different countries. They must read the books. Then, they plot their points on a map.

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180 days Map

Plot your course with the previous worksheet on this map.

What Do the Stars Say?

Give each child a cut out of a star and some paper. They are to construct a book. The book will be a book of quotes. Each child is to write a certain number of sayings which would be written from the "star's" perspective.

Instant Millionaire

Provide each student with a fake "million dollar bill". Tell them that they have become instant millionaires. Task the students with writing a letter to the community telling them how they are going to use the million dollars to make it better.

Ice Cream Flavors

Cut paper up into strips. You will need a strip for every student. Write a number from 5-15, or whatever number you would like, on each strip of paper. Students will randomly draw a strip.

A World of Books

Pose the question to your class: What types of books do you think kids your age like to read? Have the students select 2 or 3 countries. Then, have them research the most popular books for those countries.

Moral Dilemma?

Have them write what a moral dilemma is. Then, have them create a story that is an example of a moral dilemma. Students will present their story to another classmate. They will, then, have to come up with a solution for the dilemma.

Examining Injustices

Explain the meaning of social injustice. As many social injustices exist, have the students determine one that they would like to learn more about. Have students identify a book that is based on the injustice that they select.

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Show Me

Select a variety of photos or images, or have students bring in photos from their lives of people that they know and distribute them among the students. Students will look at the photo and will write a story about what is or has happened in the picture.

Interview with a Character

Assign a book to the students to read. Students will write about their favorite character. They include what they liked, disliked, or would change about that person.

What Type of Student Would They Be?

Select a classic book that is set in another era. Have the students read and choose a favorite character. Then, they must write about the type of student that character would be today.

Their Road to the Presidency

Where does the road to becoming President of a country begin? Does it start in elementary school, high school, or college?

IPod Monitoring

Most of the students will vehemently disagree with this, but have them write an essay about why it is important for parents/guardians to monitor what children have on their IPods.

Behind Closed Doors

Provide children with a magnifying glass for creative inspiration. Have a number of regular household items available for them to "investigate" or "interrogate". The students will be tasked with writing a mystery about something that happened in a cupboard "behind closed doors".

Personal Invasion

Open a discussion about how people can invade one's personal space. Have the students write about the many ways that people can invade one's personal space.

3-hour Principal

Tell children to imagine that they have been made principal of the school. The catch is that their job will only last for 3 hours.

That Really Smells!

Bring a bunch of odorous items to class such as garlic, cheese, or pine. The items do not have to "stinky", but must have a strong enough odor to evoke a response from the students.

50 Years From Now

Tell the students to imagine that they are 50 years older. Have them write an essay describing their life. This is a great opportunity for them to write about technological advancements and changes in the environment.

Your Own Personal Advice

Tell the students to write a letter to themselves. In the letter they will give their "twenty something" year old self advice. They can talk about everything from dating to jobs to family relationships.

Circus Manager

Have the students imagine being what it's like to manage the operations of a circus. Students will be tasked with developing sales literature about the circus to get more places to book their acts.

A Moment in Time

Task the students with picking a random date from history. They must research to find out all that they can about the events of that day. To put a spin on it, encourage them to take their research international.

Earning Your Sea Legs

Tell the students that they will be doing research about life at sea. Have them select a book that has a maritime theme. After they have read the book, they must present it to the class.

Learning about Applications

You will need to obtain a variety of different applications. Try to get anything from volunteer applications to retail applications. Have the students complete the application. After they complete the application, separate them into pairs and have them critique each other's application.

Can You Picture that?

Each student will select a book to read on a subject that the instructor specifies. The students will be asked to write a synopsis of their favorite scene. Then, in the classroom, each student will be given the opportunity to participate as each student "stages" the scene by positioning their classmates as if they were acting out the scene.

Compare and Contrast At the Movies

Select a book that has been made into a movie. Have the students read the book. Students will then have to write a report on the book which could include their favorite parts.

Play it Again

Task each student with selecting a sport. It can be any sport. Then, have the children written a poem about the sport using the letters of the name of the sport. They can accomplish this two different ways.

Youth Authors

There are many books that are published that have been written by children or young people. Send your students on a quest to find these youth authors.