These activity sheets will teach your students how to define and use effective persuasive writing.

Persuasive writing, at its most basic function, tries to effect a change in the reader's opinions. While narrative writing has a theme this is much more thesis driven. Writing to persuade is a text intended to "sell" a person or audience on a particular thought or idea. Using words that express an opinion or that reflect facts the author, through a collection of supporting ideas and identifiable reasons, presents a viewpoint that is hopefully joined by the reader. The five steps of the writing process are used when writing a persuasive letter or text. Remember to always review these steps, (pre-writing/brainstorming, writing, revising, proofreading, and editing) with the students prior to writing. This review will help the students’ writing skill development.

Instruct students, as the author, to identify the purpose of the letter and write the text persuasively on a topic they care about. The ability to focus on the purpose identifies the intent of the letter or text. Use the sheets below to try to change the reader's view or personal thoughts on a topic, product, service, or process. The following collection of worksheets will give your students practice with different forms of persuasive work, including opinion essays, problem-solution essays, and more. Each individual set includes definitions, examples, tip sheets, checklists, and writing prompts with different topics, so instructors must be sure to print all of them.

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Printable Persuasive Writing Worksheets

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Brief Overview of This Form of Writing

There are many types of persuasive writing, and they can be found in several forms: letters to the editor, scholarly writing, advertisements, editorials, health articles, and many more.

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Opinion Essay

The title "opinion essay" reveals the main goal of this type of persuasion: to state the author's opinion on a particular topic and to justify/support that opinion with valid reasons and information. It is often helpful to find reliable research to include in the support because this adds credibility to the essay as well as the writer.

Example of Opinion Essays

Edible gardening in an art and science that my family loves. It doesn't take much time, but at some moments gardening is a dirty, back breaking hobby. So why do we share the love of growing things?

Tips and Checklist for Opinion Essay

Show enthusiasm for your topic without being overly subjective. Being overly subjective can lead to you appearing close-minded and biased, which can hinder you from persuading your readers

Prompt #1 Immigration

Write a detailed opinion essay on Immigration.

Prompt #2 Eating

Write a detailed opinion essay on Eating at home.

Prompt #3 Marriage

Write a detailed opinion essay on living together before marriage.

Prompt #4 - Hobbies

Write a detailed opinion essay on a hobby of your choice.

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Prompt #5 - History

Write a detailed opinion essay on a historical event.

Prompt #6 - Video Games

Write a detailed opinion essay on video games.

Prompt #7 - Age

Write a detailed opinion essay on marrying at a certain age.

Prompt #8- Cell Phones In Schools

Write a detailed opinion essay on the use of cell phones in school.

Prompt #9 - Both Parents Working

Write a detailed opinion essay on the following question: Should both parents work in a family with multiple children?

Prompt #10 - My Favorite Book/Movie

Write a detailed opinion essay on your favorite book or movie.

Prompt #11 - 1 Child Only

Write a detailed opinion essay on having only one child.

Problem-Solution Essay

Improving critical thinking skills is a main objective in many courses. The problem-solution essay employs these skills by allowing writers to identify a problem and offer solutions. In doing so, the writers generally persuade the audience that the problem needs to be addressed and/or that one solution is more advantageous than the others.

Example of a Problem-Solution Essay

The following is an excerpt from Louis Barbash's essay "Clean Up or Pay Up."

Tips and Checklist for Problem-Solution Essay

Think about the scope of the problem and remember the investigative questions -who does it affect?

Prompt #1 - Problems with Products

Write a problem-solution essay based on a recent problem you've had with a product or a business.

Prompt #2 - School Problems

Write a problem-solution essay based on having difficulty at work or school.

Prompt #3 - Poor Communication

Write a problem-solution essay based on a communication dilemma.

Prompt #4 - Major Changes

Write a problem-solution essay based on a decision you are facing: changing jobs, switching majors, moving to a different city, changing a relationship, etc.

Prompt #5 - The Environment

Write a problem-solution essay based on an environmental problem- consider focusing on your community.

Prompt #6 - The Relationship

Write a problem-solution essay based on a relationship predicament.

Pro-Con Essay

Like other forms of writing, a pro-con essay begins with a debatable issue. As mentioned in the Brief Overview of This Form of Writing section, persuasion deals with more than presenting one side of an issue; the author must also present the opposition fairly while refuting the opposing points.

Example of a Pro-Con Essay

The following example of a pro-con essay is an excerpt from "Death and Justice," written by former mayor of New York City, Edward I. Koch.

Tips and Checklist for Pro-Con Essay

Make a pros and cons list. Can you match any of them to do in point counterpoint paragraphs?

Your Thoughts

This is a great way to review a body of work that you have put together.

Prompts and Exercises for a Pro-Con Essays

Choose one or more of the following as topics for a pro-con essay-or for writing practice pro-con lists and paragraphs. You could choose either side for your assignment.