This collection of decorative writing paper for your students to use has many different themes.

There are many reasons to provide students with decorative writing paper. For the most part it is like dressing nice. We take more time and pay attention to detail more when we care about what we are working on. A decade old study found that people that simply word lab coats over their clothes paid attention and performed simple tasks more accurately at a significant rate than people who were not in lab coats. The same applies to writing paper. Students are much more likely to use good penmanship or at least their individual best form of handwriting. You will also see that there is a lot less scribbling going on in your room when they are using this writing paper. Sometimes the paper you use to write on can support your theme or add its own decorative touch! While certainly not recommended for formal or business communications, using decorative pages for personal letters, special occasion cards, invitations, journals, and even poetry can add a bit of extra zest to the written words.

The decorative writing paper below follows a wide range of themes including celebrations, lots of nature pieces, general learning. We designed them so that they can be printed at grayscale with a high image resolution for those of us lucky enough to have access to a nice laser printing system. These pages offer seasonal themes, bright colors, geometric shapes, bold outlines, fruits, flowers and leaves, funny animals, frames, crazy patterns, and selected holidays. Fun Project Idea: Have your students design their own personal letterhead or stationery which reflects their dream business, favorite hobbies, personalities, purpose for writing, etc.

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Printable Printable Writing Paper

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Roses and Doves

A nice floral scene hovered by a dove.

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Birthday Cake Paper

Is someone celebrating a birthday? You have the perfect item to write with in this sheet.

Floral Writing Paper

A regular garden to write your masterpiece with.

Cherry Pie Paper

A spring day opener for your students.

Feathers of a Peacock

Are your writing a relaxing piece? This is the one for you.

Frog Legs

Everyone loves Frog's Legs! Don't they?

Jungle Scene

I use this paper to announce when we are going to the zoo or animal farm.

Parrots and Lizards

A little rainforest theme here for you and your students.

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Portrait Paper

If your paper is classy, this is the one for you.

Halloween Puppy

This puppy has a great deal of character.

Spring Themes

The flower of help is often used to announce things that are new to the world.

More Flowers?

We had a lot of different requests for this kind of work.

Measurement Paper

Are you sizing something up? These rulers will help you send that message.

Magic Blocks

The blocks of learning appear in the bottom right with a little bit of extra sizzle for you.

Snake Strong

Feeling slippery? This snake might have something to say about it.

Saint Patrick's Paper

This is a very lucky form of paper.

Learning Leeds

Common elementary school blocks and a few pencils to write with.